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Your goldfish is more likely to remember your password than you are….

The Goldfish Syndrome has been defined by as the characteristic to become bored very easily and also to be easily amused. Because most things will catch your attention when you are suffering this syndrome, you will lose your train of thought often and your attention span is limited. Thus implying limited potential for growth for the humble goldfish.

A recent study by Microsoft estimated that the average human attention span had decreased in the past decade by four seconds from twelve down to eight, sinking slightly lower than the estimated nine second attention span of the average goldfish. This change has been largely attributed to the increasing use of multiple digital platforms and technology. Individuals swap between devices and platforms at an alarming rate, almost unconsciously. Since we cannot reverse the tidal wave of digital advances, nor would we want to, we should instead plan ways to minimize the impact on our brains and maximize our ability to concentrate and absorb new information. Drinking more water, exercising and monitoring use of technology are all ways to improve concentration. Most importantly test who is in control, you or the device. Can you schedule time each day apart from your devices ? Can you work with your smart phone in your desk drawer ? Can you study with your phone in another room ? Can you catch up with friends and leave your phone in your handbag or pocket ? You will find that by allowing yourself to concentrate on one task at a time you will be more productive and have more successful outcomes in work, study and leisure. Take the plunge, park your device, test your resolve and improve your concentration. No more relying on your goldfish for your passwords !


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