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what I do

A fundamental indicator of success in therapy is the strength of the therapeutic alliance between the psychologist and the client, and this is especially true of adolescents. I value this relationship and offer a number of services to achieve positive outcomes for a variety of presentations.


Counselling offers the opportunity for discussion of the issues concerning you. By exploring problems and understanding your behaviour patterns, a psychologist can help you develop healthier stategies and responses, and enhance your feelings of well being. Some areas you may want to know more about include: Depression, Anxiety, Panic attacks, Trauma, Fears and Phobias, Grief and Loss, Sleep, Bullying, Job/School Stress and Satisfaction. A variety of approaches can be engaged to acheive this change, CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) is wideley accepted as the primary tool for behavioural change and forms the basis of most health plans.


hypnosis & relaxation

Hypnosis is a natural and normal state of the mind in which the body experiences a state of deep physical relaxation while the mind remains clear and focussed.  This is similar to the brain wave pattern observed when we day-dream or  become engrossed in reading a book or watching a movie.  In this altered state of awareness, the sub-conscious becomes accessible for suggestions of positive change. We often struggle to affect change in our lives because our unconscious minds learn specific behaviours and fall into routine and habits that make it resistant to change. Hypnosis works by updating our unconscious learning and open us up to new ideas, ways of behaving and helps create more positive healthy habits.



Assessment structures treatment and provides valuable feedback. Educational assessments for children and adolescents using the WISC IV  can reveal learning difficulties and differences in learning styles that can be used to inform teachers and schools how to best help your child. Vocational assessments can be helpful with career choice and university applications.

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